Window films

Tinting the windows slows down the discoloration of the interior surfaces

car interior fading

You’ve probably noticed how the draping in older cars is usually very discolored. You can also see a clear difference in the color of a hardwood floor when a carpet is removed from a place where it has been for several years.

The carpet has protected the floor beneath it from UV-rays and it has maintained its original color much better than the floor that was exposed to the sun rays.

The seats and the interior draping of cars is discolored by the UV-rays in the same way. UV-rays may also cause cracking on the surface areas. In addition to that, they also age your skin. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation chronic exposure to UVA-radiation through a window may expedite the aging of skin by 5 to 7 years.

How to stop the discoloring?

All the Window films sold in our Store stop 99% or more of the UV-radiation from sunlight, so by tinting the windows of your car it is possible to substantially slow down the discoloring of the interior. The Window films help you in keeping the interior of your car in a condition as good as new and that way increase the resale value of your car.

The Sun protection films we sell can also be used for tinting home or office windows and other level glass surfaces. In that case, however, it has to made sure that the window in question is not made of insulating glass or low-e coated glass, as there are particular Window films compatible with them.

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