High quality tools for your project

You can find the perfect squeegees and knifes for your window-tinting project from our inventory.

3M PA1-S squeegee with a felt cover is the perfect choice for shrinking the Sun protection film on the outside of the car. With this combination, you don’t even have to wet the surface of the window.

When, after that, the film is installed on the inside, the Llumar Blue Max squeegee (with or without the handle) is the right tool to ensure that you get all the water out from beneath the film, without scratching the film in the process. Remember to wet the surface of the film when working with the Llumar Blue Max squeegee.

The 3M PA1-S squeegee (without the felt cover) can be finally used to perfect the edges of the Window film, and for example with side windows, it can be used to secure the film neatly under the sealing of the window.

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