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Tips for making your dogs life easier in hot weather

Dog running on grass

Nobody likes the suffocating heat during hot weather, and the same applies for dogs. Dogs like the summer just like their owners, and some breeds can handle the hot weather better than others. However, once the temperature gets really hot, owners must take special care of the wellbeing of their dogs, regardless of the breed in question. Especially important is that the dog is given access to fresh drinking water and a shady place to rest.


Travelling by car with dogs

You should never leave a dog alone in the car. This is the single most important rule when it comes to travelling by car with a dog. However, there are also other ways to make the dog’s trip in a car more pleasant. The dog should be given water to drink during the drive, and if that is not possible, frequent stops should be made to give the man’s best friend an opportunity to drink some fresh water.

Having the air conditioning on makes the dog’s trip in a car during a hot day much more pleasant. The inside temperature of a car can also be effectively kept cool by having tinted windows on the car. Even if there is air conditioning available in the car, tinting the windows with sun protection film provides additional help for keeping the air inside the car cool. For example, the 3M Black Shade 5% window film we sell blocks 43% of solar energy of the sunrays, and thus effectively keeps the car cool.


Many dogs also like ice cubes

For that reason, put ice cubes in your dog’s water bowl. Many dogs also like to eat ice cubes, even without additional water.


Taking a dog out for a walk during hot weather

Make sure the pavement is not too hot by feeling it with your hand. If it is too hot for your hand, it will also be too hot for your dog’s paws. In such circumstances, walk the dog on gravel or grass areas, or get him a set of dog shoes.

Take the dog swimming during high temperatures. By giving your dog an opportunity to safely have a dip in the local lake or pond during your daily walks increases his commitment to you while helping him cope with the hot weather.


How do I help my dog with the hot temperature indoors?

During hot weather even the temperature indoors may get uncomfortably hot for your dog. Air conditioning naturally helps with that, but if it is not available something else should be done to ease your dog with the exhausting temperature. Basement is usually the coolest place of a house, and if you have one the door should be left open so your dog can make his way there to cool down, and often a dog will choose such a cool place as his go-to place for sleeping during hot weather. You should also provide your dog with a bowl of water in the basement.

If there is neither air condition nor a basement in the house, leaving the window open with a fan blowing the hot air out of the house is also a viable solution. A wet towel can also serve as a nice and cool place for your dog to rest on. You should try these things to see which one your dog likes the most.


What are the signs that your dog is overheated? 

It is good to know, just in case, what are the symptoms of heatstroke in a dog. A dog may suffer a heatstroke if its body temperature exceeds 41 degrees. Dogs that are old, overweight or which have difficulties with breathing are at an increased risk.


Symptoms of heatstroke may include:

-Unusually frequent breathing and loud panting


-Rapid or irregular pulse

-Vomiting and diarrhea


-Glazed eyes

-Lurching and dizziness, may also lead to falling and unconsciousness

-The dog’s gums may be dark red at first, but may turn lighter or even bluish

-Shaking, seizures


Do this is if you believe your dog may be suffering from heatstroke

Immediately take the dog to a cool place, and cool him with cold water. However, do not use ice-cold water, as it puts strain on the dog’s body. Preferably drench the dog all over. Also give the dog cool water, but do not give too much at once.

If the abovementioned remedies do not help, the dog must be immediately taken to a vet.

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