Frequently asked questions

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Yes you can, factory windows tinted windows are just made of colored glass. Window films also provide a much better heat and UV-ray protection compared to factory tinted glasses.

Depending on the climate, the final adhesion takes from couple days to couple weeks. Windows shouldn’t be opened until the film is completely dried up. You can find more information from the Guide.

Yes you can, but openable windows shouldn’t be opened before the films are completely dried up.

Window film is always installed on the inside of the window. Before that, however, the Sun protection film is cut and shrank to right size and shape on the outside.

Thanks to modern adhesive solutions the Window films dry up even when its freezing. When this the case, however, the car should be kept in warmth before taking the car for a drive outside, so the Window film has adequate time to dry up.

The Sun protection film has not completely dried up yet, and there is still some moisture underneath it. It will evaporate off in couple days to a couple of weeks, depending on weather. When this happens the foggy look also disappears. More information here.

No, because the window films we sell have a protective scratch-free coating.

In the summer the film reflects sunlight off, thus reducing the need (and expenses) of using air conditioning. During the winter the Window film acts as an insulation and helps keep the warmth inside the car, thus saving you money on heating.