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Global QDP Ceramic – Ceramic Window Film

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Global QDP Ceramic is high performance window film made for professionals and DIY-installers with high requirements. Ceramic structure is really effective for heat gain prevention even with very light, almost invisible tones.

QDP is a thick film, easy to shrink and also antistatic!

12 year warranty

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Global QDP window films are deep dyed color stable films – They don’t fade or turn purple. We give 12 year warranty for the film, but is is designed to last much longer.

For car, home and office windows. The film is applied to an inner surface of a window.


Global is the only manufacturer of window films in the whole world which manufactures its films entirely starting from the molecule level of the adhesive. A fully company-controlled process and tight cost focus allow uncompromising quality at a reasonable price.



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33% (Charcoal)


50cm x 1m = 28€, 50cm x 2m = 50€, 50cm x 3m = 72€, 50cm x 4m = 92€, 50cm x 5m = 105€, 50cm x 6m = 120€, 50cm x 7m = 135€, 50cm x 8m = 148€, 50cm x 9m = 162€, 50cm x 10m = 176€, 50cm x 15m = 240€, 50cm x 20m = 310€, 50cm x 25m = 375€, 50cm x 30m = 420€