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HEXIS headlight film – 4 different shades

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A very high quality, translucent HEXIS headlight film that can be installed on the headlights and chrome parts of a car. Protects the headlight assembly from scratches. Easy to install and remove.

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These translucent films that are 80 microns thick can be used for tinting both headlight and different chrome parts. This headlight film bends well even on top of very curved objects, and comes off easy without leaving behind much adhesive residue.

The film has a lasting solvent-based adhesive.

The size of the roll is 5 meters. We deliver orders for less than 5 meters always as one roll. Thus, if you want to order a 3-meter roll, choose a 1-meter piece three times from the size menu.

Instructions for installing the headlight film

Headlight film is installed dry without liquid solutions, just like vinyl car wraps. Headlight film stretches, instead of shrinking like window film. Headlight film can be stretched a bit by hand, but you can make it stretch much more using a hot air blower/hair dryer.

Below a list of the installation phases:


  1. Thoroughly clean the headlight assembly and surrounding areas. Washing the entire car wouldn’t be a bad idea. However, avoid wax-containing car shampoos, and other soaps that leave behind anything on the surface of the car.

  3. Install the film by stretching using a squeegee. Start from one side, and make your way towards the opposite edge. If the headlight assembly is highly curved, you’re better off using your hands and a hot air blower, rather than a squeegee.

  5. Finally, squeegee the film thoroughly, to make sure it sticks sufficiently.

  7. Cut off the edges with a snap off blade knife. Stick the edges on to the headlight assembly and also squeegee the edges.


Not suitable for use in road traffic!



Black (Out of stock), Smoke (Out of stock), Yellow, Pink


30cm x 1m = 22€, 30cm x 5m = 92€