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Llumar ATR — Metallized Hybrid Sun Protection Film

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Top of the game quality metallized hybrid Window film, which effectively cools down your car. Deflects up to 67% of the total energy of the sun and over 99% of the UV-radiation.

No more sweating and loud air conditioning.

Llumar ATR Window film has a 3-layer structure and a scratch-free top-coating.

10 year warranty!


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Llumar ATR Sun protection films truly are on top of the game. Thanks to the 3-layer metallized structure this Window film stops the heat from the sun extremely efficiently, up to 67% of the total energy of the sun. The ATR film deflects over 99% of UV-radiation.

This Window film doesn’t affect the signal or service on modern cell phones, because it is a hybrid film. Hybrid films have a thinner layer of metal than normal metallized films. In addition to the metallic layer, this Window film also has layer of polyester for deflecting sun rays.

The film has a scratch-resistant top coating and 10 year warranty for e.g. discoloring and bubbling.

Llumar ATR is also suitable for use in home or office windows. Remember, that this window film is installed on the inside surface of a window.

Llumar ATR Car Window films are available in four different shades; 5%, 20%, 35% and 50%.


Llumar brand

The Llumar-brand established itself as permanent player on the U.S. markets already in 1977 and later expanded into the global markets in 2001. All the Sun protection films by Llumar are of premium quality, and one of the main values of the brand is their unconditional commitment to quality.



Dimensions 1 × 0,5 m

5%, 20%, 35%, 50%

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