Skyfol M2 office window film
Skyfol M2 window film

WF24 Matt frosted window film – For home or office

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WF24’s quality matt-white frosted window film for flat surface windows.

10-year warranty.

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Frosted, some times referred also as milk-glass window film gives a good screen from curious eyes for balconies or offices. You can’t properly see through the film, as it designed to protect your privacy. On top of that, the Matt sun protection film blocks the heat and UV-rays of sunlight.

WF24 Matt is installed on the inside surface of the window. 

Easy to install with a soap/installation solution, a squeegee, and a snap off blade knife/scissors.

Instructions for installing frosted window-film 


  1. Thoroughly clean the glass surface.

  3. Cut the window-film to the size of the window and remove the the protective film.

  5. Spray soap solution on to the films adhesive side and the window from a spray bottle. However, make sure to spray little enough to prevent dripping.

  7. Place the window film on the windows, and install it using a squeegee. Use the squeegee to remove the installation solution symmetrically from under the film. Use a T-shape beginning from the top of the windows when squeegeeing. Make the first stroke on the top from the middle to the left, then to the right, and then from the top down. Then squeegee from the top down fro the middle to the sides alternating from the left and right, until you make your way all the way down.

  9. If you’re yet to make an exact cut, you can now do it using a snap off blade knife. You should pull the corners off slightly, cut them to the right size using scissors, and then finally squeegee the corners on carefully.


Technical details of the WF24 Matt frosted film:

  • 66% transparent
  • Total solar energy rejected: 34%
  • Total UV-radiation rejected: 99%
  • Cold endurance up to approx. -30°C


The product has a 10-year warranty. The warranty covers bubbling, discoloration, cracking of the film and detaching. However, the warranty doesn’t cover bubbling caused by dust left on the installation surface. It also doesn’t cover detaching resulting from improper installation.

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