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Tinted windows may help with sleeping problems

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We live during an era where a good night’s sleep has become more of a luxury rather than a normal requirement for a healthy lifestyle. Many of us have to sacrifice getting enough sleep due to our hectic lifestyles.

Sleep is a vital part of a healthy life. During sleep your body, as well as your mind, rests and is able to repair itself. An average person requires seven to nine hours of sleep, to ensure that all stages of the sleeping cycle are completed. A good night’s sleep allows your muscles to recover, improves your memory and releases important hormones. Sleeping strengthens both your mind and body.


Risks associated with sleep deprivation

In the short term lack of sleep weakens your immune system and your capability to remember things. It also weakens your problem solving skills as well as your ability to control your emotions. A person suffering from lack of sleep is often moody.

In the long term serious lack of sleep can cause serious problems with your health, for example obesity. It also leaves you exposed to different chronic illnesses, such cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.


We need darkness, or at least melatonin, to fall asleep 

Humans require melatonin to be able to fall asleep. It is a hormone that regulates the cycle of going to sleep and being active, and is naturally produced in the pineal gland of the brain. Many people also use melatonin supplement pills right before going to bed, to make falling asleep easier.

Being in darkness releases melatonin into your body, which makes it hard for many to sleep during sanguine summer nights. Windows tinted with sun protection film let less light in, and help your body to produce natural melatonin, which makes getting sleep easier and faster. In addition, sun protection film blocks heating sun rays, and lets you sleep in a slightly cooler environment.

Tinted home windows coupled with blinds makes your bedroom darker and cooler, and help you with getting sleep during the bright summer nights.


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