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Tinting your car with Sun protection film saves fuel

sun protection film saves fuel

”A tinted car, parked in sunlight is most probably cooler than a car next to it, which doesn’t have Sun protection films installed.”

Installing Sun protection films is one of the most cost-efficient ways to cool down your car, decrease it’s fuel consumption and thus make your carbon footprint smaller. The Window films are a much better investment than the car itself, and also the only one of those two, that pays itself back.


The air conditioning of the car increases its fuel consumption by 5 to 25 per cent.

The alternator of a car generates energy, which the air conditioning uses, from the movement of the engine. The fuel that burns in the engine of car is not thus used only for moving the car, but also to power the air conditioning and other electronic devices.

Air conditioning increases the fuel consumption of a car by approximately 5 to 25 per cent, depending on the power and efficiency of the air conditioner. If the use of air conditioning can be reduced, a substantial amount of fuel can be saved.


Sun protection films reduce the need for the use of air conditioning.

Normally the heat rays of sunlight go directly through the window and heat up the inside of the car. Merely factory tinted windows cannot stop the heat rays. Sun protection films, however, reflect the sun rays away and the car stays cooler.

The Window films we sell reflect 32 to 63 percent of the energy of the sun away. Our metallized Llumar ATR Window films deflect the heat rays better than normal dyed polyester films.

When its very hot, the inside of a car with Sun protection films can be 5 to 20 degrees cooler than an unprotected car. The color of the car itself also affects how the car heats up in sunlight — a white car can be 10 degrees cooler than a black car.

A cooler car needs less air conditioning than a hotter car. With Window films you don’t only save with fuel used for air conditioning, but also with costs arising from repairing the air conditioning. The air conditioners of cars are known from malfunctioning after all. When you use them less, less repairs are also needed.



Even if your car doesn’t have air conditioning, Window films probably reduce it’s fuel consumption. Keeping the windows open when driving increases fuel consumption, by increasing air resistance.


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