Technical specifications of the Window films


3M Black Shade - 1,5 year product warranty

3M Black Shade Window film is made of colored polyester film. This film deflects almost all UV-radiation and it also effectively deflects the infrared radiation (heat radiation) of the sun. In addition, all the Black Shade-series films have scratch-free coating.

3M BS Window film shrinks well, even on the more curved windows. Can also be used to e.g. tint the windows of a balcony.

Product ->3M BS 53M BS 153M BS 303M BS 45
Visible light transmission6%14%31%44%
Visible light reflection5%5%6%5%
Total solar energy rejection43%40%35%32%
Ultraviolet protection99%99%99%99%
Heat gain reduction30%26%20%16%
Glare reduction94%86%69%56%

Llumar ATR - 10 year product warranty

Llumar ATR Window film is a metallized multi-layer hybrid film. The shade of top quality films doesn’t change, even over the course of several years. The ATR-series film also has scratch-free coating.

This film reflects the heat radiation from sun extremely effectively due to it’s metallized structure, but it still doesn’t interfere with the service on a modern cell phones, unlike than many other metallized films.

The ATR-series film is also a so-called hybrid film, which has a metal layer thinner than normal metallized window films. ATR Window films also have a polyester layer to block heat radiation and UV-radiation.

Product ->ATR 5ATR 20ATR 35ATR 50
Visible light transmission5%29%39%53%
Visible light reflection6%6%7%8%
Total solar energy rejection67%49%48%39%
Ultraviolet protection99,9%99%99%99%
Solar energy transmission17%39%41%51%
Solar energy absorption69%54%51%41%