Technical specifications of the Window films


3M Black Shade - 1,5 year product warranty

3M Black Shade Window film is made of colored polyester film. This film deflects almost all UV-radiation and it also effectively deflects the infrared radiation (heat radiation) of the sun. In addition, all the Black Shade-series films have scratch-free coating.

3M BS Window film shrinks well, even on the more curved windows. Can also be used to e.g. tint the windows of a balcony.

FilmVisible light transmissionVisible light reflectionUV blockHeat gain reductionGlare reductionTotal solar energy rejection (TSER)
3M Black Shade 5%6%5%99%30%93%43%
3M Black Shade 15%14%5%99%26%84%40%
3M Black Shade 30%31%6%99%20%65%35%
3M Black Shade 45%44%5%99%16%50%32%

Llumar ATR - 10 year product warranty

Llumar ATR Window film is a metallized multi-layer hybrid film. The shade of top quality films doesn’t change, even over the course of several years. The ATR-series film also has scratch-free coating.

This film reflects the heat radiation from sun extremely effectively due to it’s metallized structure, but it still doesn’t interfere with the service on a modern cell phones, unlike than many other metallized films.

The ATR-series film is also a so-called hybrid film, which has a metal layer thinner than normal metallized window films. ATR Window films also have a polyester layer to block heat radiation and UV-radiation.

FilmVisible light transmission Visible light reflectionUV blockSIRRGlare reductionTotal solar energy rejection (TSER)
Llumar ATR 5%5%6%>99%68%94%61%
Llumar ATR 20%25%6%>99%52%71%47%
Llumar ATR 35%37%8%>99%53%59%44%
Llumar ATR 50%53%9%>99%37%40%35%
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Global HP Charcoal - 10 year product warranty

Global HP Charcoal window films are metallized films which do not block GPS. HP Charcoal is also color stable, so it does not fade or turn purple as the time passes. We give a 10 year warranty for that.

Global HP Charcoal has Global SuperShrink technology so it shrinks very well to curved car windows. It is also antistatic so it doesn’t pull dust towards it like a regular window film.

FilmVisible light transmissionVisible light reflectionUV blockSEAGlare reductionTotal Solar Energy Rejection (TSER)
Global HP Charcoal 5%5%5%>99%68%94%61%
Global HP Charcoal 20%20%6%>99%59%78%51%
Global HP Charcoal 30%28%7%>99%51%69%43%
Global HP Charcoal 50%54%8%>99%38%41%34%
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Global QDP Ceramic - 12 year product warranty

Global QDP Ceramic films are ceramic sun protection films. The ceramic particles are designed to block heat gain efficiently even with light tones. QDP films are color stable –  no fading or purple coloring. We back it up with a 12 year warranty.

Global SuperShrink technology makes sure that film shrinks well to even really curved car windows. QDP films are also antistatic so they don’t pull dust like a regular window film.

TummennuskalvoVisible light transmissionVisible light reclectionUV blockSEAGlare reductionTotal Solar Energy Rejection (TSER)
Global QDP Ceramic Charcoal 33%33%7%>99%71%65%58%
Global QDP Ceramic Charcoal 46%46%7%>99%64%49%52%
Global QDP Ceramic Arctic Cool Grey 70%69%8%>99%58%24%49%