How to keep your Window film good looking


sun protection film maintenance


You have just installed Window films on your car. You probably also want know how to keep the film in good condition over the years. provides a comprehensive package of information, which allows you to keep your Window films in excellent shape for a long time.


Drying time


Soap-water solution, together with the adhesive on the sun protection film, starts a reaction, which leads to the film attaching tightly to the window. During the installation, the rubber squeegee, by no means, removes all of the soap solution.

The soap-water solution stuck under the film may cause small bubbles and fogginess to the film. This is perfectly normal, and in cold weather it may take a month, or longer, before the adhesive is completely dried and the soap water has completely evaporated. Small bubbles normally completely disappear from beneath the film. If they still haven’t gone away, and the film has been drying for over a month in relatively warm weather, you can pop the bubbles with a needle. You shouldn’t. however, pop them before the window film has completely dried.

Cold weather makes the duration for drying longer, just like which film. During hot summer days, the Window film may dry in a couple of days in sunlight.


Do not open the windows for the first two weeks


It isn’t recommended to open the windows during the first two week after installation. At that time the adhesive hasn’t completely dried and therefore the window film is sensitive to touch. It may move a bit, or its corners may start to come off as a consequence of the movement. Weather greatly affects the period of time during which the windows shouldn’t be opened.

The heating on the rear window shouldn’t be used during the first two days after installation, as at that point of time the sun protection film is very vulnerable.


Washing Window films


Windows of the car shouldn’t be washed from the inside for the first 30 days. After that, however, you can clean them with a soft cloth or paper towel. Certain types of coarse paper towels may scratch the film in a way the eye can’t see. Over the course of time, they might still decrease the shine on the film.

You can use normal 50:50 window washing fluid, or mild soap-water solution to wash the windows. Always check, before using window washing fluid, that it doesn’t contain ammonia, as it can damage the Window film.


How durable are the Window films?


Many of you may wonder, whether children or dogs traveling along will destroy the films. Its our pleasure to state, that children and dogs normally aren’t a danger for the films (after they have dried). Quality sun protection films have a hard and scratch-free coating, which protects the film well from small impacts.


The buckle of the safety belt easily damages the Window film


When unbuckling your seat belt you shouldn’t just toss it out of the way. The winder of the belt, together with the tossing motion may cause the buckle to hit the window and the Window film hard. When this happens, even the most expensive films damage easily.



Window films are quite durable and the high quality films are also scratch-resistant. The greatest risks to the well-being of the sun protection films are premature opening and cleaning of the windows, the use of washing fluids containing ammonia and hitting the film with buckle of the safety belt.